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Want to know how to win football bets?

Hey (fname), can you keep a secret?


Hey [insert name],

Let me know if this is true.

Every weekend you open your favourite sports betting site.

You decide on a few games you want to bet on.

You study the teams, it’s past results, their head to head comparision and you came to a conclusion.

You will bet Team A because it seems promising. The odds is decent at $2.20 and you are happy.

The match starts and Team A scores a goal….Woot! You are winning!

Then suddenly, Team B scores a goal to draw level. Now you are biting your nails.

At the 89th minute, Team B scores again…..Bammm….There goes your bet…

And the senario happens again for 3 more matches. Which ever team you bet on LOSES…

And you are wondering what is going on, is betting really that difficult? Will you ever make money betting on football?

The answer is YES!

You can make money betting on football. In fact, you can make money without having to  crack your brain over which games to bet on.

Bettor Experience (BE) will do all the heavy lifting work for you.

All you have to do is spend 20 mins placing your bets and the work is done.

But why am I so confident that you will make money following BE’s pick?

Because BE apply historical data to football betting.

No emotions, just statistics.

Using our specialize software, we manage to crush 7 years of data and create a set of formulas that generate 10 – 15% ROI annually for our members.

No more betting heavily to chase loses. No more cracking your brain and doing endless research only to lose money.

And if you are not convinced, Bettor Experience offers 90 days guarantee to any punters who wants to give it a shot.

Take BE for a drive test for 90 days. If you are not making money using our tips, simply request for a refund.

Get your BE account here =>

Bettor Experience Evangelist,

PS: The original price for BE Tipster Service is $97.

Sign up with the special link above at a 48% off.

Note that this offer doesn’t last very long. Don’t miss it!


(fname), want some spoon feeding?

After reading this, you’ll start wining bets. Period.


Hey [insert name],

Every morning, I ask myself: “How can I help more people succeed as football betters? That too, with the process being faster, easier, and better than ever before?

The one question people ask me: “Will you be sending us bets that you are going for?” And my answer is yes!

I will spoon feed you until you can walk on your own.

I choose for you, whatever I choose for myself!

It’s not about following me blindly. Instead, it is about identifying patterns and then replicating them for yourself.

That’s it – you, me, my bets, and the rest will be bliss!

Here’s is the link to my page, check it out and become a part of my system!

– Roderick

PS: Focus on long-term goals!


How many more excuses?

Stop being a chicken!



You heard it.

You’re too afraid.

Maybe because you didn’t succeed yet.

Which means that you’re looking for it!

You won’t get there if you’re afraid.

Most of the emails I get sound like one of the following:

  • “Roderick, what if I lose all my money?”
  • “Is football betting risky?”
  • “I can’t afford to lose money; will you guide me?”

My answer? Don’t be a chicken!


Because when you join Bettor Experience, you’re given a path to tread on.

If you can’t afford to lose £10, then I believe betting isn’t for you!

I’ve helped our students get the best out of betting. They have time and are financially independent now.

Plus, you can always get a refund within 30 days of joining!

So, stop making excuses and act now!

– Roderick


Reality check…

Between you and me!



I was young and naïve.

I thought betting was a get rich quick scheme, and everything would be easy breezy.

I remember losing $500 on a 0-0 draw!

But didn’t quit.

I started again, this time small. The rest is history!

That’s why I was able to launch Bettor Experience.

Trust me! You won’t make the same mistakes.

Follow the link to see what it’s about. I’ve put my years of experience in offering this service!


PS: The Bettor Experience is open for registration at a massive discount of 73%. It won’t stay the same! Watch your inbox for more details next week.


Are you perfect?

Stop doing this…

I have a gift for you…


Hi [name],

Who do you think is better off? A punter who keeps on losing without learning, or the one who loses money and learns from the mistakes?

Well, most of you would say that the second one is better off – and I agree.

I want to give you the top 3 mistakes to avoid (most people get these dead wrong) — my gift to you.

  • MISTAKE #1: Following Bookies
  • MISTAKE #2: Thinking 1X2 will make them rich
  • MISTAKE #3: Thinking football betting is a get rich quick scheme

I hope you will learn a lesson!

Reminder: Bettor Experience is on a discount that will end soon.

If you’re still on the fence, you can try the entire course for a full 30 days without any risk whatsoever.

What’s your excuse now?



Crying in bed alone…

Money makes you grateful…come get yours

What do you want?


Well, I’m truly grateful for the life I have.

I make a solid lifestyle, enjoy the location, and time independence – thanks to football betting.

But, let’s talk about you.

Are you secretly crying in bed?

Staying up late looking for legit ways to make money online? Or do you want turn the betting income into an investment? Looking for a stable income?

Well, I know you want something along these lines.

That’s why I have launched Bettor Experience.

Follow the link, sign up and you’ll have what you need in life!

Stability, safety, confidence, and SOME SERIOUS MONEY!

  1. Only a few days to go before Bettor Experience goes back to its full price

– Roderick

Subject line Suggestion:

The last call, the price goes up tonight

The ship is sailing without you!

Final call


Hi [Name],

This is a final reminder that the price of Bettor Experience — my brand new streamlined, accelerated football betting service — is going up tonight at 11:59 pm PST.

You can still join at the current price for the next few hours. After that, I’m closing the doors to the course, and when it reopens to the general public, it will cost more!

No hard sell here, just one last courtesy call before the doors close.

This is the last email you’ll receive from me tonight. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great weekend!



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